Word processors are stuck in the past.
We fixed that...

Introducing Page Buddy, next gen docs you'll actually enjoy using.

Page Buddy is a powerful yet friendly
writing & design
tool to build docs for the
web & print.
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No more endless menus. Everything you need to build a doc lives in the toolbar, ready to drag and drop.

Formatting is fiddly and error-prone. Page Buddy fixes this. Docs are built by composing semantic blocks, making it easy to design striking layouts.

Publish to the web,
with one click.


No more PDFs or proprietary formats. Your docs automatically adjust to fit any screen, viewable across the planet, on any device with a web browser.

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There's More

Powerful design engine lets you style just about everything.


Carefully tuned for performance, with millisecond input response times.

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Finely crafted gesture-based UI built for speed and efficiency.

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Docs stored locally on your device, allowing Page Buddy to work offline.

Format without your hands ever leaving the keyboard with the Command Menu & Markdown support.

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